The Stimulators are:

Denise Mercedes – Loud Fast Guitar
Patrick Mack – Singer
Nick Marden – Bass Action
Harley Flanagan – Sophisticated Skins



Back in the days when Max’s and CBGBs were the undisputed headquarters for the world-wide punk rock movement, Denise Mercedes formed her first band. Named after a Kiss song, “Flaming Youth” – never made it out of the garage because Denise took off to London to see the two sevens clash first hand. And she played around England with Rat Scabies, who was out on parole from the Damned, in a band which never settled on a name and then Rat rejoined the Doomed, so Denise, intent on forming a band that would be in the same class as the best she had seen in England, returned to New York.

With the sounds of Motorhead, The Dimmed, The Electric Chairs, The Clash, Sham 69 and a whole bunch of less famous bands still ringing in her ears, she joined forces with lower east side poet Patrick “Kansas City” Mack and began knocking out the first of many Mercedes/Mack auto-motive rockers, like “waiting for the Crazy House Rock”, “I’m a Cradle Robber baby –rockin’ in the cradle with you…”, “Loud Rules? Fast Rules?.. What Rules?!?!”

And they began gigging with a series of drummers and bass players including Jerry Nolan (N.Y. Dolls and Heartbreakers), Bob Wire, Anne Gustavsson, Johnny Blitz (Dead Boys) and finally 11 year old boy wonder, Harley Flanagan, drums, and lower east side artist, “fashion plate”, and excellent musician, Nick Marden, bass.

The Stims played their first three gigs at a new wave dive, appropriately named Rock Bottom, in May and June 1978. Their fourth gig found them featured on a bill with Richard Hell and the Void Oids, Senders, Teenage Jesus and the The Jerks, The Contortions, at the fashionable Paradise Garage. From there, the Stims graduated to New York’s mainline clubs and developed a huge, very young crowd, reminiscent of earlier Stooges’ crowds, at Ungano’s and Max’s Kansas City. Back in the New York in 1981, after a 1980 Tour of Ireland, the Stimulators were just in time to witness and mid-wife the birth of N.Y. Hardcore, a style which focused on the Loud Fast aspect of the Stims, the Damned and some of the new California slam bands. But the Stimulators are more than just Loud Fast Fools and are fully aware that there’s not too big an audience for a band that can only do one thing. That doesn’t mean a band must attempt progression, for digression and agression, expansion and indiscretion, inversion and introversion, perversion and resurrection are all more applicable to Rock and Roll than mere progression. Stimulation is what Rock and Roll is all about. The revolution is in the beat. No one who feels freedom in Rock and Roll will ever be a willing slave to anybody’s shitstem.

Then, in the summer of ’81, the Stimulators took off on a tour of the east coast for a series of red hot rockin’ shows – the biggest and the best was at the Pier, in Raleigh, North Carolina! Lucky for you, this super show was recorded by an expert team of audio engineers, so you don’t need to read about how great the Stimulators are, you can listen to this fabuloud ROIR cassette!

Talent Director, “Max’s Kansas City”

about loud fast rules!

In 1977, after hearing The Damned, Motorhead and The Clash, guitarist Denise Mercedes returned from London and decided to start her own band. She recruited LES poet Patrick Mack on guitar and vocals, artist and fashionista Nick Marden on bass and, after trying out the likes of Jerry Nolan (Heartbreakers, NY Dolls) and Johnny Blitz (Dead Boys) on drums, settled on a then 11 year-old Harley Flanagan (Cro-Mags, Harley’s War). Soon the Stims gained a rabid fan club of the youngest rock ‘n’ rollers in the city and became regulars at legendary clubs like Max’s Kansas City, CBGB’s and Danceteria, sharing bills with bands like Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Bad Brains, Suicide, B-52s and The Cramps.

A long awaited re-issue on vinyl & CD of the celebrated ROIR cassette, the Stimulators’ Loud Fast Rules! is more than just a record; it’s a piece of New York punk history. “Loud Fast Rules!” is the Stimulators’ only full-length piece of work (their only other release being a handful of coveted 7”s) and it captures the band doing what they do best, playing a sharp, fast, energetic live set of catchy, feisty songs that mix punk with metal, reggae and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. A perfect soundtrack to a slam dancing, pit slamming, pogo party!

This record is a must for any self-respecting punk’s collection. After all, are there any three words that sum up the punk sound better than “Loud Fast Rules!”?